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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Visa-Free Countries for Philippine Passport Holder - P1

A Philippine passport is a travel document and is a Primary National ID issued to citizens of the Philippines. It is issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Philippine diplomatic missions abroad, with certain exceptions. Besides facilitating international travel and conferring diplomatic assistance to Filipinos overseas, a Philippine passport is considered a primary form of identification in the Philippines, particularly because there is no national identity card system in the country.

The passport is a popular target for counterfeiters,  due largely to the relatively liberal visa requirements accorded to Philippine travelers to destinations such as Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other APEC and ASEAN member nations. Due to this, the Department of Foreign Affairs started issuing maroon machine-readable passports since September 17, 2007, and biometric passports since August 11, 2009. The green colored cover non-electronic passports are still acceptable until they expire. Philippine passports are printed at the Security Plant Complex of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Below is the list of countries where Philippine Passport Holder can enter the country that doesn’t require a visa:

Countries in Asia

Country   No. of days allowed          Official Webpage      Embassy Phone Numbers in the Philippines

Brunei Up to 14 days none  +63-2-816-2836 / +63-2-816-2837

Cambodia Up to 21 days Homepage    +63-2-818-9981 / +63-2-810-1896

Hong Kong Up to 14 days Visa requirement page (See Table)

Indonesia Up to 30 days Visa exemption page  +63-2-892-5061

Israel Up to 90 days Visa exemption PDF  +63-2-894-0441 / +63-2-894-0443

Laos Up to 30 days Exemption table  +63-2-852-5759 / +63-2-852-5979

Macau Up to 30 days Visa free countries (US)

Malaysia Up to 30 days Requirement table  (632) 864 0761 To 68

Mongolia Up to 21 days List of countries with no visa

Singapore Up to 30 days Philippines is not listed in the countries requiring entry visa  63-(2)-856 9922

Thailand Up to 30 days Visa-fee exemptions page  63-(2)-815-4221

Vietnam Up to 21 days Visa exemption page  63-(2)-525 283763-(2)-521 6843

Countries in South America
Bolivia      Up to 30 days Info page (Spanish)  None

Brazil 90 days Exemption List  +63-2-845-3651 / +63-2-845-3654 / +63-2-845-3655 / +63-2-845-3662 / +63-2-845-3668  / +63-917-574-4513

Colombia Up to 90 days List of exempted countries (Filipinas) +63-2-911-3101

Ecuador 90 days Embassy in US homepage  +63-2-8700-100

Peru Up to 183 days See Filipinas  +63-2-813-8731 / +63-2-813-8732 / +63-2-813-8733

Suriname Up to 90 days Check the list at the bottom (US)


Morocco Up to 90 days Visa application page (see countries that do no need a visa) Consulate Office+63-8191686 / +63-8866178 / +63-8896170 / +63-8896181

Saint Helena Up to 90 days none found (US)

Seychelles Up to 30 days US website  63-(2)-631-6075

Tuvalu Up to 90 days Consulate of Tuvalu on Singapore (US)

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